Reviews of Caffeine Cuisines Excellent Coffee


"Never had a bad cup since I started drinking CC bean coffee"-Quinn

"Love this coffee! My new favorite and hoping to never go back to anything else!"-Staci

 "Great Coffee! Small batch roasting at it's finest, by a person truly dedicated to her craft. Keep it coming!"-Dave

"Drinking my first cup,wow amazing coffee. I took your advice and mixed Sumatran/Guatemala. I will be ordering more after I enjoy these 2 pounds."- Kelli

" I am a cream with my coffee person. It takes an excellent roast to discern the coffee taste over the cream. Your roasts are excellent….It takes a good roast to taste the coffee. complimented by the cream!!!! A customer for life!" - Anna

"We haven't been able to drink anything else since we started drinking caffeine cuisine! Everything else is sub-par!
Dayna truly loves the product she makes and it shows in the quality."- Ashley

"I go to bed thinking about waking up to a cup of Caffeine Cuisine coffee. It starts my day, almost every day.
I NEVER would have thought I could drink coffee black, Its always too bitter. The care that is put into roasting these beans shows through in the flavor! Even black, the coffee is pleasant and never gets the bitter bite like big name brands (which I then have to drown out in sugar just to make it palpable.)This is a woman who knows quality and takes pride in her craft. Delicious coffee every time, I won't buy my coffee anywhere else! "- Sarah

"Rosebud is hands down the best coffee I've ever tasted! My husband a...nd I started drinking this coffee July of last year and if and when I let myself run out, I want to kick my own rear! Dayna is an amazing lady and goes out of her way to get my coffe ground perfect for my Kurig, thank you Dayna you are the best!" -Gale